Protect Our Soldiers & Veterans

We're delivering on our manifesto promise to protect our soldiers and veterans with the 
Overseas Operations Bill. So that our Armed Forces are defended from the turmoil of vexatious claims and endless investigations.

But Labour are trying to stall this Bill.

Keir Starmer and the Labour Party are playing political games with the futures of our brave servicemen and women. 

Their delay would only serve to leave our soldiers continuing to suffer repeated and vexatious claims  – something we cannot not stand for. 

So, if Keir Starmer truly wants to put our servicemen and women first, sign here and tell him that he has to do the right thing – vote for this Bill.

Sign and back our soldiers and veterans

Add your name and urge Labour to protect our heroes without delay.
Add your name

Add your name below and stand with our Armed Forces:

Sign and back our soldiers and veterans

Why do we ask for this?
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